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In addition to the multitude of successful cases Fontainburg has completed, its team members have amassed a long list of successfully completed assignments before joining the Fontainburg team. These assignments include planning, coordinating, and managing projects in the areas of restructuring, IPO, private placements, M&A, business development strategy, equity transfers, debt disposal, and direct investment. These projects were realized in capital markets around the world including mainland China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, the U.S., and Singapore.

A partial list of successful projects follows:

Aviation Infrastructure/Transportation Financial Services
Manufacturing&Engineering Services Consumer Goods TMT
Shandong Infrastructure (CN) Restructuring, privatization, A share IPO, SHSERMB 1.3bn; Investment Advisory
Guangzhou Shenzhen Railway (CN) N/H Share, NY/HK IPO & Int'l Placement, USD 420mn
Tianjin Development (CN) Red-chip, HK IPO & international Placement, USD170mn
Guangdong Electric Power (CN) B-share, Int'l Private Placement, USD 115mn
Guangdong Electric Power Development B-share, Int'l Private Placement, USD115 mln
PT Citra Marga (ID) Indonesia debt restructuring, USD 100's mn
Wah Kwong (HK) Global IPO, USD 1bn
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